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Central Client Database

Data is kept in the cloud or inhouse

We host within your group's IT infrastructure or with our hosting partner, it's your choice?

Group login policies and all IT processes can be adhered to.

Under Group IT control corporate client and compliance data is secure.

Centralised client communications

With all client data in one location, group and bulk communications to clients are simple.

Client categorisation for marketing.

Birthday messages via email or text.

Single view of the client

Categorisation of client for marketing support.

What products does the client have?

Clients can be shared amongst advisors with different skills such as Investment, Risk or Fiduciary Specialists.

Can integrate to an "Enterprise" database

Client data can be consumed from another service.

Client data can be shared with another service.

atWORK data can be passed or synchronised to an "Enterprise database”.

Enterprise databases have the simple atWORK Front End.

Leads management integration

Leads can be accepted and worked and reported back to lead generation system.

Simple processes for the advisor to give feedback for lead management.

Closed loop from initial contact through to sale for successful lead management.

Client Access Portal

Clients can login, view and update their profile.

Extend service functionality via the cloud.

Advisor tools can also be provided.

Compliance and Risk Management

Manage documentation and templates

Central control of all documents and templates.

Documents are available at all points of the business

Can integrate to an Enterprise Content Management system.

Document data merging

Client data merged into standard documents to produce a professional printed document.

The merged document can synchronise to a tablet.

Standard forms such as application forms can be completed online.

Completed forms can be signed on a tablet and submitted electronically.

Central storage of all completed client documents

Client documents stored in easily accessible folders

Documents can be reviewed by sales management, compliance etc

Client can also access documents through the “Client Access Portal”

Easily customised Compliance business rules

Compliance rules can be set individually.

Process can also be linked or integrated to commission claim.

Compliance checks and review process can be audited online.

New products, sales processes and compliance rules are easily setup

Product changes are a reality in financial distribution and atWORK adapts quickly to new products and processes.

Compliance rules can be adjusted to keep up with Legislation.

Online checking means it is easier to comply.


atWORK is a "Services Orientated" Architecture (SOA)

atWORK is built on Microsoft technology.

Separate database, business logic and presentation layers ensure rapid development.

Flexible tools and web services ensure integration into any group IT department.

Services can be consumed (used) or supplied to an external system

"SOA" enable atWORK to consume or utilise features and data from external systems.

Similarly external systems can consume data or use a service from atWORK.

Powerful web architecture ensures scalability and comfortable user growth.

Commission management and optimization

Commission and fees are an important link in financial services.

Commission can be managed and retained whilst compliance is audited.

Simple reporting for the business and agents to see how the business is tracking.

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