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(at the core)

atWORK in short is a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool.
The CRM, by default, comes with any of our add-on expands: atLIFE, atWEALTH, atHEALTH & atSURE.
  • Manage client details - Have all the important and less obvious information of your client in one spot.

  • Outlook integration - Import your client contact details into Outlook.

  • Review the month’s activities.

  • See the proportion of time spent on various aspects of your practice.

  • Merge your client data into your self-created document templates with Merge Docs.

  • Automated reminders for customised events like your client’s birthday etc.

  • Strong SMS and Email functionality with capabilities for both bulk and individual messaging.

  • Document storage facility. Attach any number of electronic documents to your client’s folder.

  • Query manager. Manage your daily tasks and client queries on our industry specific and highly productive workflow tool.


(Life & Investment)

  • Collect all the policy information on a client with the click of a button.

  • We provide Astute integration, more simple and efficient than you’ve ever experienced before.

  • Seamless - Import the client’s data directly from Astute without leaving your atWORK screen.

  • It is quick, convenient and you won’t need to re-download the requested data every time you need to access it.

Planning Tools
  • Capture the Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) through a wizard.

  • This makes the process of collecting your client’s data for FNA a done job in a flash.

  • Client Friendly Reports. Create reports that your clients will love and understand.

  • The generated FNA is instantly a sales enabler.

Various Planning Tools.

atLIFE includes the following planning tools:

  • Risk & Retirement.
  • Education and Investment.
  • Retirement cash flow plan.
  • Business Needs Analysis.
  • Wealth Portfolio Analysis.
Regulatory Compliance
  • We ensure that you will adhere to the regulatory compliance by implementing permanent record keeping of regulatory compliance documents.

  • Convert FNA’s into a record of advice (ROA).



  • Total assets under one management - collect data daily / monthly from service providers (LISPs)

  • Practice view. View assets under management for your entire practice

  • Simple distribution of consolidated statements.

  • Risk Profiling. Set up your own risk profile and the underlying investment strategy. Complete these risk profiles for your client and manage your client’s investment accordingly



  • Use atWORK core CRM tools to manage your relationship with individuals better.

  • Practice management – Merge documents, File attachments, Queries etc. (Please see “atWORK” for more).

  • All medical aid service providers’ scheme rates are captured and updated annually onto atHEALTH. This means that you could have reference to your client’s premium history.

  • Group Application Management – Administer the application process from a single view for an organisation.

  • Claims administration. You decide at which level you would like to do claims administration.



View and administer your client policy information on atSURE.
  • Use atWORK core CRM tools to manage your relationship with individuals better.

  • Practice management – Merge documents, File attachments, Queries etc. (Please see “atWORK” for more).

  • Short-term Module

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