atNEWS October 2012

atWORK mobile saves you time and enhances productivity...

In any industry and indeed with life in general everyone complains about lack of time. Where does it go?

atWORK Mobile has been developed to minimise the time spent on administration, compliance and the paper work involved with any sales transaction.

Sales documents can now be prepared real time on your screen and the client’s data and Record of Advice are merged into standard (compliant) documents.

As an advisor you now have the choice to print the completed documents for client signature, OR if you have a mobile tablet such as an iPad or a Galaxy Tablet, the document can be completed and signed on the screen by the client and advisor.

No more filling out forms! Efficient, effective, professional and organised, our unique application allows you to complete the sales cycle while on the move.

Once everything is finalised, e-mail the whole pack of signed documents directly to the client and to the product provider saving time and the environment! In addition, the signed documents are automatically filed away in the system, ensuring complete compliance.

Mobile is the way of the future and atWORK is paving the way for you! This development works across all devices including Smart Phones such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry as well as tablets including iPad and Samsung Galaxy.

To access our mobile website open your browser on your smart phone and go to

Our mobile site has been tested on all the popular smart phones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more...


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